Enabling partners with smart technology solutions

We are Indonesia’s #1 provider for cloud communications and integrated marketing solutions with 20 years operational experience

Communication Made Simple

We are widely known in the industry for our best-in-service voice solutions. We enable our clients to connect and communicate efficiently and effectively, while staying ahead of its competitors in terms of the technology curve. With a great team of IT and networking experts, we continue to strive for excellence in providing quality services, and innovation in communications. Today Jasnita operates in 3 different communication sectors: telecommunication, call center, and cloud communication.

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Advertise Anywhere

Traditional advertising are expensive, lackluster and unaccountable. Karta on the other hand has created a system that mitigates this problem, Karta allows clients a flexible and effective advertising platform. Unlike traditional media, the mobile Karta is highly scalable, and targeted. Giving our clients the power to customize their advertising experience. Clients control parameters such as number of drivers, to where and when they advertise. Provide real ad experience.

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Challenge The Status Quo

A creative technology and media company that focuses on defining an alternative solution for today's shortcomings and tomorrow's new challenges. Through expert professionals, and veteran executives in the field, we managed to grasp a good rounded view of issues that we can solve, and challenge the current benchmarks that formed today's industries. By striving for excellence in our product design, development, and quality services, we aim to be able to put into reality what a creative future might look like in this present day.

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